After Arrival to Hjørring Municipality

When you arrive to Hjørring Muncipality, there are a number of things that need to be sorted out as soon as possible after receiving you registration certificate (EU citizens) or work permit (Third country citizens.)

Registration, CPR-number and Health Insurance

You must register with your municipality of residence and have a civil registration number (‘CPR’ number’) issued.

You register with the Citizens’ Service in Hjørring. 

In order to be able register your place of residence in Denmark, you need to be able to meet the following requirements:

  • Your stay in Denmark must be more than 3 months
  • You must have bought or rented a home in Denmark
  • You must have been issued with a residence permit/certificate of registration (Nordic Citizens exempt)

Apply for the CPR-number (National Registration of Persons)

Danish Health Insurance

Citizen's Service

Bank Account – 'NemKonto'

When you are going to work in Denmark, you must open a ‘NemKonto’ (‘Easy Account’).

You can make nearly all purchases in Denmark using a credit or a debit card. If you need to withdraw cash you can go to one of the several ATM’s located all over Hjørring. It is also possible to ask for cash when you make a purchase in a store using credit card. Please note that most foreign banks will charge a withdrawal fee when used in Denmark.

When working in Denmark you must have a ‘NemKonto’ (Easy Account). A NemKonto is a normal bank account that you assign as your NemKonto. All citizens in Denmark are required to have a NemKonto.

More or less all Danish employers will pay your wages into your Nemkonto. All payments made by the Danish public authorities e.g. benefits, tax , child subsidies, repayments etc. are made to your NemKonto.

Open a Nemkonto

In order for you to open a Nemkonto, you must show up in person at the bank and you must bring:

  • Your Passport
  • Proof of residence in Denmark
  • CPR number/ Taxed at the source’ civil registration number
  • Contract of employment
  • Tax Card

Further information about 'Nemkonto'

List of Banks in Hjørring Municipality


NemID – self-service on the Internet.

NemID is a common secure login on the Internet, whether you are doing your online banking, finding out information from the public authorities or engaging with one of the many businesses that use NemID.

NemID is the same login everywhere. Whether you’re doing your online banking or you need to view your tax file, the way you log in will be exactly the same.

NemID consists of a user ID, a password and a code card containing codes (one-time passwords). When you log on, you first enter your user ID and password and then a code from your code card.

Once you have got NemID, you can use it on most computers with an Internet connection. There are only three things to remember: Your user ID, password and code card.

You choose your own user ID and password – which you must commit to memory – and the code card is a little piece of card about the size of a credit card which you need to look after carefully. You can also take NemID with you and use it on other computers.

  • In the Citizen Service Centres - Show up in person.
  • You can order the NemID online via  this link (NB: In Danish only)
  • Order the NemID in your bank.

Further information about the NemID

Media Licence

You must register with ‘DR Licens’ (Media licence) if you have a television, computer, smart phone or another devise with internet access.

All citizens above the age of 18 are legally obligated to register with ‘DR Licens’ (Media licence) if you have a television, computer, smart phone or another devise with internet access.

You must register within 14 days of procurement. The fee applies for the entire household.

You must pay even if you do not watch or listen to radio or TV channels. You pay for owning the equipment. The fee is a statutory equipment tax and it is payable in advance every 6 months.

If you no longer own any fee-payable equipment, you must cancel your registration in writing.

Register and deregister for Media Licence

Tax in Denmark

Before you start working in Denmark, you must obtain a tax card from SKAT (The Danish Tax Authorities).

Whether you live and work permantly in Hjørring Municipality, you work here as a cross-border commuter (and live in your home country), or you are here as a student with a part-time job, you must apply for a tax card. 

How to obtain a Tax card

Tax in Denmark - An Introduction for new Citizens


People take out insurance policies to protect themselves from the financial consequences of a loss.

In Denmark, you can find a range of insurance companies offering different terms, prices and coverage. It is advisable to contact some of them and compare their offers before deciding on one.

In Denmark, some insurances are compulsory:

  • Third-party liability insurance if you own a car, motorcycle, scooter or moped
  • Comprehensive motor insurance if you have taken a loan to finance the purchase of a motor vehicle
  • Third party insurance if you own a dog
  • Third party insurance if you own a horse
  • Fire insurance for buildings if you are a homeowner with a loan secured against your house

However, there are also other important types of insurances which, even though it is not compulsory, can secure yourself and your belongings and save you a lot of money in case of an unfortunate occurrence. These are:

  • Home contents insurance 
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Life and pension insurance
  • Health or medical insurance
  • Unemployment insurance (requires that you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund)

Insurance and Pension for Everyday Needs