Bringing your car to Denmark

If you bring a vehicle to Denmark and you take up residence in Denmark, the vehicle must be registered to Danish number plates within 30 days of arrival, and you must pay registration tax.

Registration of vehicles is administered by Skat (the Danish Tax Authorities).

If you are resident in Denmark, you must not use a vehicle which is registered in a foreign country. Contact SKAT if you have any doubt as to whether you are resident in Denmark.

Before the vehicle can be registered to Danish number plates, an ordinary technical inspection and a customs inspection must be performed by a vehicle inspection authority to determine the identity, the mileage recorded on the odometer, features and general condition of the vehicle.

If you are on a time-limited contract of employment you may apply for paying the registration tax in rates (quarterly). You apply for this by using the form 21.033. SKAT will then make an assessment, that will state if you are allowed to pay your registration fee quarterly.

If you own a vehicle which has been registered in another EU-country, you may bring the vehicle to Denmark without paying VAT if it has done more than 6.000 kilometres and is more than six months old. Customs duty and VAT are normally charged on vehichles imported from non-EU countries.

Once you have paid the registration tax, the number plate desk at the tax centre will issue Danish number plates to you.

Additional information about registration tax