Non-EU/EEA driver's licences

Everyone who relocates to Denmark with a non-EU/EEA driver's licence is required to exchange their licence for a Danish equivalent to drive in Denmark.

Drivers with non-EU/EEA driver's licences are required to apply to have their driver's licence exchanged no later than 14 days after they are issued with a Danish CPR number. You are only allowed to drive with a non-EU/EEA driver's licence for 14 days after being issued a CPR number. Driving in Denmark after 14 days have elapsed without a Danish driver's licence is illegal and the penalty for doing so is DKK 5,000.

An application to exchange your driver's licence for a Danish equivalent is made to Citizens’ Service. Citizens’ Services are responsible for issuing driver's licences, and collecting payment.

At Citizens’ Services you will be asked to complete a form, which you must hand in along with the below mentioned documentation. Please note that Citizens’ Services charge DKK 280 for processing your application.

  • The certificate of health issued by your general practitioner together with a passport photo. When you visit your GP, take along a passport photo - see examples of the format required and restrictions that apply regarding size, image quality, etc. at the Danish National Police’s website. Note that the doctor will charge a fee to issue a certificate of health.
  • Your passport and your work and residence permit - or a certified copy of the relevant pages.
  • Proof of your Danish CPR number - e.g. your health insurance card.
  • Your current driver's licence. Note: If the text of your current driver's license is not in the Latin alphabet, you must present a certified translation of the license.  If you have any questions, or need to find a certified translator, contact Citizens’ Services for help.

If your driver's licence was issued in Brazil, Ukraine, Australian Capital Territory, Japan, Russia, Taipei (Taiwan), South Korea or Switzerland you need to take no further action. When your original licence has been verified by the police you will receive a temporary licence and your new Danish driver's licence will be sent to your home address within one month.

If your driver's licence was issued by any other non-EU country you will have to pass a theory and driving test before you can be issued with a Danish licence.

Theory and Driving test