Theory and Driving test

Do you need to pass a theory and driving test before you can be issued with a Danish Driver's License?

If your driving licence was issued by any other non-EU country you will have to pass a theory and driving test before you can be issued with a Danish licence. Citizens’ Services will send your driving licence to the police for them to check its authenticity, and in the mean time you will be given a one month temporary licence. When the police have verified the authenticity of your licence Citizens’ Services will issue another temporary driving licence valid for up to three months. You must pass the theory and driving test before the end of this period.

The theory and driving tests are in Danish, but as a foreigner you are allowed to bring along an interpreter. Please note that the interpreter must be certified and approved by the police and that you must pay for the interpreter yourself.

If you do not require an interpreter for your theory test, nor wish to take a few theory classes before you take the test, you can order the theory test at Citizen’s Services. If you do need an interpreter and/or wish to take a few lessons before taking the theory test, contact a local driving school and ask them to help you.

Having passed the theory test, you must then take a driving test. You must sign up to take the driving test via a driving school.

If there is a waiting list for taking the driving test, the validity of your temporary driving licence can be extended by Citizens’ Services. However, Citizens’ Services will require proof of the fact that you have booked time for the test and that you are following the normal proces