Digital Post

All citizens over 15 years of age in Denmark must have a digital postbox at

Digital Post is your online mailbox for digital mail from the public authorities. With a digital postbox, you can send and receive post quickly, securely and in an environmentally friendly manner, to and from public sector authorities (e.g. your municipality, SU, Udbetaling Denmark, Trafikstyrelsen etc.)

Mail sent by the Digital Post system will have the same legality as letters posted using ordinary mail. It is your responsibility to check your digital mailbox.

Your post is automatically saved and securely stored in your digital mailbox and you will always have your correspondence with the public with you as long as you have your NemID with you. Your digital mailbox will follow you, even if you change your address or change your e-mail.

You can access your digital mailbox on any computer.

You can also access your digital mailbox via E-boks. The E-boks is a secure electronic mailbox where you can receive and store documents that you normally recive in the post. E-boks is free of charge. You create an E-boks account at

When you have new post, you will receive an e-mail and/or a text message.

How to register for Digital Post

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