Sports and Exercise

If you (or your children) want to do sports or exercise together with others, you/they can become a member of a sport club.

Almost all types of sports are represented in the municipality’s kaleidoscope of sports and leisure activities. In the Municipality of Hjørring there are no less than sixteen sports centres, six tennis clubs, five golf courses, one badminton centre and five swimming pools. Hjørring is characterised especially by its broad base of amateur sports. Sports such as football, handball, tennis, badminton, swimming, fitness and gymnastics are very popular. 

Many children and young people do different kinds of sport in their spare time. It is common for parents to support their children, for example, by paying their membership fees, ferrying the children to and from their activities and by participating

Nearly all forms of formalised exercise and sport are run by associations or organisations that people can join. You have to pay to become a member, but in some cases the municipal authority will contribute towards the cost so that the fee remains low.

If you are interested in joining a sports association, please have a look at the list of some of the sportsclubs in Hjørring. Please note that this list only contains a limited number of the sports associations within Hjørring Municipality.

List of Sports Clubs in Hjørring Municipality

DGI (A nationwide sports organization) has a website, where you can look for a certain sports club in your local area. On the website Here you can put down your zipcode under "Hvor" (where) and the sport of your interest under "Hvad" (what), and then the website will provide you with different options. Please note that the website is available in Danish only.

DGI - Træn Lokal

If you enjoy Wellness, we recommend that you visit ‘Vandhuset Park Vendia’. It has a large swimming pool and a wellness section, where you can indulge yourself and find inner peace and strength. You can also enjoy a swim in the large 50 metre basin with 8 lanes. Vandhuset Park Vendia has a fun area with a 60 metre long water slide, where children can play and includes a basin with 30 degree C warm water plus steam bath and sauna.

Vandhuset Vendia Park