After School Care

There are various options of After School Care for school children in Hjørring Municipality.

After School Care (Skolefritidsordning – SFO)
Hjørring Muncipality offers a morning and after-school care scheme (SFO) for all pupils attending 0 to 3rd grade at one of the municipality’s primary and lower secondary school. The After School Care are connected to the school that the children are enrolled in.

After School Clubs
Hjørring Muncipality offers after school clubs ("Juniorklubber") for all pupils attending 4th to 6th grade at one of the Municipality’s primary and lower secondary schools. The Juniorclubs offer safe environments for the children with a variety of developmental and stimulating activities for the children with adult support. After school clubs are not linked to a particular school as the SFOs but like SFOs they are paid for by the parents.

In addition, Hjørring Muncipality offers After School Clubs ("Ungdomsklubber") for children between 11 and 17 years.