Primary and Secondary School

Denmark has a policy of ten years' compulsory education.

Children are to be taught from the age of 6 years old.

All children in Hjørring Municipality, as in Denmark, are entitled to free tuition at one of the municipality’s primary and lower secondary schools (The Folkeskole). This tuition includes a one-year pre-school class followed by nine years of primary and lower secondary education and an optional 10th grade. You can find a list of all public schools within the Municipality here (in Danish only).

In addition to municipal primary and lower secondary school, there are also independent primary and lower secondary schools and private schools where tuition is paid for by the parents. If you are interested in further information about the private school in Hjørring, please have a look here. In addition, we refer to (in Danish only) for further details.

You are responsible for enrolling the child at school. When the child nears school age, the parents will receive a letter from the school stating when you should enroll the child at school and an offer to visit the school. You can also choose another municipal primary and lower secondary school or a private independent primary and lower secondary school. In that case, it is up to you to contact the school of your choice.

As soon as you know your adress, you can sign your children up for school. Please contact the municipal authority 'Skole og Kultur-området at: or tel. 72 33 33 33 for further information. 

Folder and Film about the Danish Folkeskole