Emergency Doctor Service

If you need to talk to or visit a doctor after 16.00 on weekdays, at weekends and on public holidays, you can contact the 'Emergency Doctor Service' at: Tel: +45 7015 0300.

You must always call the Emergency Doctor Service BEFORE you visit and do not forget to bring your National Health Card or your European Health Insurance Card.

Only call the emergency doctor service when it is absolutely necessary or if you are in doubt as to how sick you or your child may be. 

When you call the emergency doctor service, the on-duty doctor will ask you how you are feeling. Or if you are calling on someone else's behalf, they will ask how he or she is feeling. They will ask you questions like: Do you have a fever and if so, how high is it? Are you experiencing any pain? If it is an injury, the doctor will ask questions to determine how serious it is.

Based on the answers, the doctor will assess whether you should visit your own doctor the next day, whether a doctor should visit you at home, or whether you should drive over to the emergency doctor service or go to hospital emergency. You will also be asked for your own or the patient's CPR-number.

Emergency Doctor Service in Hjørring:
Regionshospitalet Nordjylland, Hjørring
Bispensgade 37
9800 Hjørring (the main entrance)

Opening Hours:
Weekdays from 16:00-08:00
Weekends from 00:00-24:00

Telephone number: +45 7015 0300