General Practitioner (GP)

When registering as a citizen in Hjørring Municipality, you must choose a General Practitioner.

When registering at the municipality (applying for the CPR-number), you are entitled to choose a general practitioner (GP) you can contact if you fall ill. At Citizens' Service they will advice you on your choice of doctor.

Access to the public health service is through your GP. Your GP can treat some health problems immediately. Others may require a referral for further examination or treatment by a specialist or treatment at a hospital.

Visiting your GP is free of charge, as is hospitalisation. The costs are borne by the tax payer. You have to pay the cost of medicine, dental care and physiotherapy. But you may also be eligible for a subsidy.

To visit your general practitioner (GP) you need an appointment. If you are feeling very sick, you are likely to get an appointment on the same day. However, if your visit is not urgent, you may be given an appointment a few days later.

You do not need a referral from your GP if you need to go and see a dentist or if you are in acute pain and need to go to hospital emergency or require immediate hospitalisation.