At the pharmacy (‘Apotek’ in Danish) you can buy prescription and non-prescription medication. Medications requiring a prescription must always be purchased at a pharmacy. Many supermarkets and petrol stations sell various kinds of non-prescription medicine such as painkillers and cough medicine.

The pharmacies are normally open between 09.00 and 17.30 on weekdays, with the exception of Saturday when the majority close at 13.00 or 14.00.

Out of Hours Pharmacies

If you are in need on medication after the normal opening hours of the pharmacies, you can visit one of the 'Out of Hours Pharmacies'.

The two pharmacies Hjørring Løve Apotek (Østergade 7, 9800 Hjørring) and Hjørring Svane Apotek (Strømgade 5, 9800 Hjørring) share the out of hours duty between them. This means that a pharmacist can be contacted by phone if you experience an urgent need of medication. You will have to pay a charge for buying medicine outside normal opening hours.

In even weeks Hjørring Løve Apotek can be contacted at 40 63 04 11.
In uneven weeks Hjørring Svane Apotek can be contacted at 98 92 07 77.