Pregnancy and Newborns

Pregnant women have the right to examinations by a doctor or midwife.

The first check-up is with your own doctor when you have reached your ninth week of pregnancy. It is up to you to make this appointment. Following the first check-up, you will be offered regular check-ups either with your own doctor or with a midwife. The purpose of these check-ups is to monitor how you and your baby are doing.

When you have entered your 10-12th week of pregnancy, you can go for an examination that will show whether there is any risk of the child having mongolism or certain hereditary diseases. Your doctor or midwife will talk to you about the examination.

In Denmark, most women give birth at a hospital maternity ward but it is also possible to have your baby at home. Consult your midwife for more information.


Following the birth of your child, you have the right to a visit from a health visitor who can advise you about child care and thereby help ensure the best possible start for the baby and the family. The first visit normally takes place about a week after the mother and the baby have come home from the hospital. The health visitor will contact you to arrange the visit. Additional visits will/can be arranged based on needs.

Furthermore, every child between the age of five weeks and fifteen years is offered a number of free standard health check-ups and vaccinations by the family doctor.

Maternity and parental leave

All pregnant women have the right to a period of maternity leave both before and after birth. The child's father can also take parental leave for a fixed period.