Household Waste

Your domestic waste must be separated into ordinary household waste and other kind of waste such as paper, glass, chemical waste, electronics, iron, metal, building material and garden waste.

Your household garbage is collected every week, normally on a fixed day between Monday and Friday.

It is required that you have an approved garbage container (you can buy one via the municipality, but most properties already have one when you move in). The garbage collectors will provide the bags for your container.

In Denmark, most bottles and cans that you buy are part of the Danish deposit and return system. You can return these bottles and cans at any supermarket and get your deposit back. Bottles and glass that are not included in the deposit and return system can be recycled by depositing them in the designated glass recycling stations, placed at different locations around the city.

Chemical waste, electronics, iron, metal, building material and garden waste must be taken to one of the recycling centres. You can find the adresses of the recycling centres here.