Removal of Snow

The municipality is responsible for clearing the public roads and bike lanes in the City, and the State is responsible for clearing of the highways and bigger roads in Denmark.

If you own or rent a house, you are required to clear snow from your public sidewalk in front of your house, as well as a pathway on your property to your mailbox. As a ground rule it is your responsibility if anybody gets injured at your property because snow or ice has not been properly removed.

Please note that the sidewalk must be cleared in such a width that pedestrians can pass unrestricted. Remember that pedestrians with prams or walkers need more than a narrow path in order to pass. You can put the snow piles on the remaining part of the sidewalk or on the nearest part of the road.

Both the postman and the waste collectors can also refuse to carry out their jobs if they risk life and limbs because of a snow or ice-covered property.

The rules say that the property owner has to clear the pavement, etc. as soon as possible and secure against ice by spreading road salt or gravel as soon as it gets icy. The pavement should be kept clear between 7.00-22.00, but you do not need to rush home and clear the pavement from snow and ice if you are at work – just remember to do it before you leave in the morning. Sundays, you can sleep a bit longer as you do not have to remove the snow until 8.00.