Rented Accommodation

There are rented properties to suit all tastes – properties in the old parts of the towns, properties with views, centrally located properties and properties in the smaller towns surrounding Hjørring.

Most housing in Hjørring Municipality consists of multi-storey apartments, terraced houses or detached houses. Housing comprises rented accommodation, cooperative housing and owner-occupied housing. The standard of housing in Hjørring Municipality is generally very high. Many of the older properties have been fully renovated in recent years and there are houses and flats of all shapes and sizes. Thus, there are rented properties to match all requirements – whether it is for single people, couples or families and for people of all ages.

The majority of rented accommodation is to be found in multi-storey buildings. Many are built in large blocks of flats grouped together in urban areas in the major cities. It is also possible to rent houses at a fair price. 

In Hjørring Municipality the vast majority of the apartments is unfurnished.

Renting an Apartment

Tenancy Agreement

Rent Subsidy

Renting an Apartment

How to find a apartment for rent?

Rented accommodation is either privately owned or owned by a non-profit building association. 

You can put your name down on a waiting list for an apartment in a non-profit building association. This means that you can rent the apartment when your name appears at the top of the list. But this may take many years.

Privately-owned housing associations rarely have waiting lists. In Denmark there is no central register of vacant private rental housing. Here, it is the owner who decides where to place the ads for the vacant apartment and who is to rent the vacant apartment.

When moving into rented accommodation, it is advisable take pictures of any defects and faults, e.g. the condition of heaters, appliances, walls, floors, etc.) and send this information to your landlord right after you move in.

Where to find an Apartment for rent?

You can find vacant apartments/houses in Hjørring on different websites and in the local newspapers. Unfortunately, most websites that can help you find housing are in Danish. Below we have listed some of the websites normally used for house hunting in Hjørring:

Boligforeninger (non-profit building associations):

Privately owned apartments (A fee will be charged for using this website)

Local Newspapers

  • Vendelboposten (Hjørring and the rest of the municipality)
  • Hirtshals-Bindslev avis
  • Sindalavisen
  • Løkken Folkeblad
Tenancy Agreement

When you rent a flat or house, you should request a written tenancy agreement stating the conditions agreed by you and your landlord.

The Tenancy agreement outlines the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the landlord. Please note that from a legal point of view, it is only the original Danish tenancy agreement which is valid. Translation of a tenancy agreement is only intended as guidance.

Among other things, the tenancy agreement must state the level of rent, apartment maintenance and how much notice you have to give when terminating the lease. It should also state in what condition the apartment must be left when you vacate it.

You normally pay a deposit as well as a payment equal to three months’ rent in advance. Depending on the tenancy agreement, some of this money can be used for redecoration when moving out.

The Rent Assessment Committee (Huslejenævnet) settles disputes between tenants and private landlords (not housing associations).

Rent Subsidy

As a tenant, you can apply to your municipal authority for a rent subsidy.

The municipal authority will calculate whether you meet the demands for a rent subsidy. 

The authority will calculate this on the basis of:

  • The number of people living in the apartment.
  • The size of the apartment.
  • The amount of rent.
  • The size of the total household earnings.

Please contact your local Citizens' Service office for further information.