TV, Radio and PC (Media license)

All citizens aged 18 and over that own an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, TV, Radio or PC are required by law to pay for a media license.

One license covers the entire household irrespective of the number of licensable devices in the house.

The media license system is administered by ‘Danmarks Radio’ and you must apply for a license within the first 14 days of having acquired a licensable device. You can read more about media license here.

Most people living in rented accommodation will find that their landlord provides cable TV and broadband, etc. You can choose from programme packages available from the provider in question – you can obtain a programme guide from your landlord. If you want to watch programmes from your home country, the provider will normally offer a wide range of packages via a selector.

If you are not able to watch programmes from your home country via a selector or if you live in an outlying area or in a property without cable TV, discuss the option of putting up a satellite dish with your landlord.