Learning Danish

Many Danes speak English. Not only do they start learning it in school around the age of ten, many also speak English in their everyday lives. But when it comes to the workplace, many prefer to speak Danish only. Consequently, it is an advantage to learn Danish if you wish to succeed in the Danish labour market. 

As a foreign citizen, who has turned 18 years old and who has moved to Hjørring Municipality (e.g. to work, study or as an accompanying wife), you have the right to participate in free Danish language lessons. Prior to commencing the Danish Language Course, you must pay a deposit of 1.250 kr. (2018-rate) to the language centre, which will be reimbursed when you finish the language course. The course itself is free of charge.

The offer of Danish education is also available to EU border commuters, i.e. nationals of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland who are residing outside of Denmark, but have a job or business in Denmark.

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