Participate in a Free Danish Course

As a foreign citizen, who has turned 18 years old and who has moved to Hjørring Municipality, you have the right to participate in free Danish language lessons.

Having come to Denmark in order to work, study or the like, you are entitled to a free Danish Language Course provided by your Municipality. The course will take place at a language centre where you will be taught together with other foreigners who have recently arrived in Denmark.

At the language centre, you will be placed on one of three Danish Courses, depending on your qualifications. If you have not already learnt some Danish you will placed on the first module. You will move from one module to the next when you have passed an exam. A Danish Course is completed by sitting an exam in both written and oral skills. It is possible to attend the course during the day or in the evening.

How to begin at the Language School

Once you have registered at the Municipality, Hjørring Municipality will send you a letter, offering the free Danish lessons.

After having received this letter, you must contact the Jobcentre as soon as possible. The Jobcentre will then refer you to the Language Centre A2B, where you will be able to start taking lessons within 14 days of referral. You also have the option of choosing another language centre than A2B. The Jobcentre will be able to provide you with more information about the possible language centres, when you contact them.


You are entitled to the Danish Language Course for a period of up to 3 years from the date on which your referral was issued (the day you receive the letter from the Municipality). It is up to you whether you want to attend the Danish Language Course or not, but the 3 years are calculated from the date on which the referral was issued. This is still the case if you do not react to the referral at hand. For example, if you do not contact the language centre or the municipality in person.

If you wish to participate in the Danish language education, but are unable to do so due to illness, maternity or work, you must immediately notify the Jobcentre in order to delay the time of start of the period of 1 year and 6 months. 


Prior to commencing the Danish Language Course, you must pay a deposit of 1,250 kr. (2017-rate). The 1,250 kr. are to be paid to the language centre, which in turn will provide you with more information regarding its reimbursement. The course itself is free of charge. If you are in Denmark as an au pair, you do not have to pay the deposit.

Questions about the Danish Course can be directed to:

Hjørring Jobcenter,
Sct. Knuds Park 6,
9800 Hjørring.

Kirsten Abildgaard
Tel. no. 72 33 60 92