Public Transportation

Public transport in Denmark is well-developed and functions well.

In Hjørring the public transportation consists of both trains and busses. Nordjyllands trafikselskab (NT) is the public transport provider of busses in Hjørring Municipality. The bus network is well developed and you can get to almost all parts of the municipality by bus. Please note that some busses are only operated on weekdays.

The national train network is operated by DSB. The train leaves from Hjørring station several times every day and will take you to Hirtshals, Frederikshavn and Aalborg (and beyond).

Using public transportation will get you around within the municipality in a short time, which makes the possibility of settling outside the town of Hjørring attractive. See examples of travel times below:

  • Hjørring – Vrå: 8 minutes by train
  • Hjørring – Sindal: 9 minutes by train
  • Hjørring – Hirtshals: 22 minutes by train
  • Hjørring – Løkken: 30 minutes by bus

The best tool for planning your journey – anywhere in Denmark – is the ‘Rejseplanen’. Rejseplanen offers an English language option. All you must do is to insert your start address and destination, and the site will find the easiest route via bus and train for your journey.