Hjørring is the biggest commercial town in Vendsyssel. With more than 175 special shops and a wide selection of supermarkets you can always make a good deal.

In Hjørring you will find pedestrian streets, large supermarkets, shopping centres and warehouses – all located in the centre of Hjørring city. You will also find supermarkets, fashion shops and speciality shops in the smaller towns of the municipality.


There are a number of supermarkets within Hjørring Municipality, which vary in prices. The supermarkets can be divided into two price categories: 

Intermediate price range: Føtex, AZ, Kvickly, Menu and Superbrugsen. These shops offer a larger selection of groceries than the smaller discount shops. Some also have their own bakeries and butchers.

Lower price range: Aldi, Rema 1000, Lidl, Netto, Kiwi and Fakta.These shops have low prices on everyday products and also have several discount offerings on non-food goods.

The opening hours of the supermarkets vary, however you will always be able to find an open supermarket between 7:00 – 22:00.

Clothes, Shoes, etc.

Østergade, Strømgade and Stokbrogade in Hjørring are pedestrian-only shopping streets. Here you will find a wide selection of interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. You will find shops carrying jewellery, designer furniture, home furnishing, as well as shoes and clothing.

Metropol Shoppincenter, located on Østergade 30 in Hjørring, is the biggest shopping centre in Hjørring. Besides shops with clothing and shoes, you will also find a Supermarket, cafes, fitness centre and the library inside Metropol.

Bispetorv Bycenter is a new shopping area in Hjørring. Here you will find Føtex and larger stores such as Toysrus, Harald Nyborg, Elgiganten (electronics) and Petworld among others.

In the East part of Hjørring you find several home stores.

In Hirtshals pedestrian precinct, Nørregade, you have lots of shopping possibilities. Nørregade takes its point of departure from the harbour front and leads deeper into the heart of Hirtshals.

In Løkken the central shopping streets include Søndergade, Sdr. Strandvej, Torvet and Nørregade. Here you will also find many interesting shops.