Cross-border Commuters

Cross-border commuters (also known as frontier workers) are foreign workers who work in Denmark, but keep their permanent residence in their home country and return to their permanent residence on a daily or weekly basis.

If you are working in Denmark for a short period of time, e.g. on a contract, and go home at weekends, you do not have to apply for an EU registration certificate or a residence permit.

Instead you must register with the Danish Tax Authorities and they will issue you with a so-called ‘taxed at the source’ civil registration number (a tax ‘CPR’ number).

As a Cross-border commuter you can have a special health card issued, which gives you the right for free health care in Denmark. Please note that you have to apply for the 'Taxed at the Source'-Civil Registration Number before you apply for the special health care card.

Below you can find further information about the special conditions applying for cross-border commuters.

Further information for Cross-Border Commuters