Where to live?

Whether you would like to live in the city, by the ocean or in the country side, Hjørring Municipality has a lot to offer.


The city of Hjørring is the largest town within Hjørring Municipality and has a population of more than 25.000 people.

Hjørring is one of the oldest towns in Denmark and archaeological discoveries show that the area was already populated 10.000 years ago. Hjørring has a vibrant city life with wide supply of shops, supermarkets, leisure activities, restaurants and cafes.

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The harbour town of Hirtshals equals sea, harbour and salted air. Hirtshals is located 17 km. from Hjørring

Hirtshals is connected to Hjørring with both highway and train. In Hirtshals you will find an authentic atmosphere with roots in fishing and, at times, the harsh life at sea, as well as a wide selection of restaurants and possibilities of shopping. You can sail to both Norway and the Faeroe Islands from here.

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In Sindal you will find an idyllic country life surrounded by beautiful nature scenes.

Here you will find many delightful shops, pleasant places to eat and sculptures in the street. Sindal is located 13 km. from Hjørring and you can get from Sindal to Hjørring by train in less than 10 minutes.

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Lønstrup is a charming little pearl located about 15 km from Hjørring right at the North Sea.

This village boasts a wide selection of experiences. It is, however, best known for its artistic touch. For Lønstrup is a popular holiday venue for artists, arts and craftsmen, actors and composers. The coast road, Strandvejen, in Lønstrup is strewn with glass blowers, potters, jewelry artist and galleries – all inviting you inside to have a peek into their creative universe, hence the town also goes by the name "Town of the arts".

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Løkken is the epitome of a North Jutland beach town on the west coast.

Here, one of Denmark’s very best beaches is at your disposal. Be prepared for fresh fish, large sandy beach areas and unsettled weather conditions. The town invites to a stroll through its charming streets lined with small yellow-washed houses, cafés, restaurants and shops – you will be accompanied by the constant roar of the waves and, the salty smell of the sea with sand stealing round corners, depositing round café chairs and tables. For a town can hardly be any closer to the beach than Løkken.

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