Work in Hjørring

In Denmark, the vast majority of people work. This is true for both men and women.

Most are salaried employees working for private or public companies. But there is also a large self-employed business community with own businesses, restaurants, companies or agricultural activities.

Below you will find information about working in Denmark and Hjørring.


Searching for a Job within Hjørring Municipality?

Whether you are looking for a permanent job, seasonal work or a student job, you can actively seek employment by:

  • Sending applications in response to job ads in the newspaper and trade journals.
  • Sending unsolicited applications to those companies where you would like to work or apply to the company directly. This can be done either by showing up in person or by submitting a written application.
  • Use your network of contacts already in the job market: A high proportion of jobs, more than 50% of all vacancies, are filled without being advertised – they are instead filled by word of mouth (colleagues, friends and acquaintances).
  • Seek employment through private employment agencies.
  • Search for jobs on the Internet (libraries and job centres provide access to the Internet).
  • Place your own ad in a newspaper or on the Internet.
  • Register as a jobseeker at Hjørring Jobcenter or on You must be willing to accept offers of employment if you are receiving unemployment benefits.

Jobcenter Hjørring

Starting your own Business

Starting a business in Denmark is not difficult – the hard bit is turning it into a profitable one.

If you are thinking about starting your own business in Hjørring, why not have a talk with you local business consulant at Hjørring Erhvervscenter? They have lots of experience with business startups, they know the problems and they will help you on your way to develop a successful enterprise.

Hjørring Business Centre offers business services to all entrepreneurs and companies in Hjørring Municipality.

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a business in Hjørring Municipality, Hjørring Business Centre will help you get started safely and securely. Our experienced consultants make it easy for you to get started. Among other things, we offer free help from auditors, lawyers, marketing agencies etc.

Read more about the services of Hjørring Business Center here

Further inspiration

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation provides assessments of non-Danish degrees, diplomas and certificates.

An assessment by the Danish Agency for Higher Education is a brief statement saying what your foreign qualification corresponds to in Denmark: Which educational level and, if possible, which field of education. The assessment can be useful for you if you want to:

  • Look for a job: An assessment makes your qualifications easier to understand for an employer.
  • Apply for admission to a study programme: The assessment shows whether your qualification has the overall level required.
  • Apply for membership of an unemployment fund: If a certain level is required, the assessment shows whether you have got it.
  • Clarify your opportunities: The assessment makes it easier to examine education and job opportunities.

Visit the website of the Danish Agency for Higher Education for further information.

Unemployment Insurance

As opposed to all other forms of social security in Denmark, unemployment insurance is voluntary.

This means you are not automatically insured against unemployment.

You can take out unemployment insurance with an unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse), which are private associations related to the trade unions and other professional organizations.

It is an important point that you do not need to be a member of a trade union in order to become a member of an unemployment insurance fund.

You can become a member of an unemployment insurance fund if you are between 18 and until 2 years before you reach your old age pension age and reside in Denmark (or another EU/EEA country and work in Denmark). You can become a member either:

  • As an employee, within a profession covered by the unemployment insurance fund.
  • As a business owner or by helping run a business owned by your spouse.
  • After having completed a business related education of at least 18 months in duration and applied for membership of the unemployment insurance fund no later than two weeks after completion of your studies.

A list of all unemployment insurance funds can be found here

Further information about unemployment insurance can be found here

Unemployment benefits

If you have signed up for unemployment insurance at an unemployment insurance fund, and have been a member for at least one year you are entitled to unemployment benefits. It is, however, a prerequisite that you have worked at least 52 weeks within the past three years.