Whether you are looking for a permanent job, seasonal work or a student job, you can actively seek employment by:

  • Sending applications in response to job ads in the newspaper and trade journals.
  • Sending unsolicited applications to those companies where you would like to work or apply to the company directly. This can be done either by showing up in person or by submitting a written application.
  • Use your network of contacts already in the job market: A high proportion of jobs, more than 50% of all vacancies, are filled without being advertised – they are instead filled by word of mouth (colleagues, friends and acquaintances).
  • Seek employment through private employment agencies.
  • Search for jobs on the Internet (libraries and job centres provide access to the Internet).
  • Place your own ad in a newspaper or on the Internet.
  • Register as a jobseeker at Hjørring Jobcenter or on You must be willing to accept offers of employment if you are receiving unemployment benefits.

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