Www.jobnet.dk is the Job Centre’s nationwide website for jobseekers and employers in Denmark. Jobnet enables you to search for a job among thousands of vacant jobs. If you create a profile and upload your CV and relevant personal information to jobnet.dk, Danish employers will be able to find and contact you in relation to relevant job openings. Www.jobnet.dk is only available in Danish. As a help to foreign jobseekers, the Jobcenter has created this English introduction with a step-by-step guide to uploading your CV to Jobnet and how to search for jobs using www.jobnet.dk. 

Introduction to Jobnet in English

If you need free admittance to Pc's, please visit Hjørring Jobcenter, Sct. Knuds Park 6, 9800 Hjørring. Here you will find free PC admittance and information on how to find a job. Please note that the Job Center’s service is ‘help yourself’-service. The Job Centers do not have the capacity to translate CV’s or job vacancies into another language.