Project 500 - Help with jobsearch

Are you from another country and have you been in Denmark for more than 3 years? Are you supported by your husband/wife or your family? Do you have no income? Would you like help to find a job or start on an education? Then maybe 'Project 500' is something for you…

‘Project 500’ is a project with the aim of helping immigrants, that are financially supported by their family, find a job or start on an education.

Participation in ‘Project 500’ is voluntary and your participation is therefore conditional on your own dedication and desire to find a job or start an education.

If you match the criteria for participating, we will either guide you in your search for employment, how to approach a company and gain an internship or job training or help you clarify which skills you need to acquire before you can gain employment or begin an education.

Contact us to learn more about the your opportunities:
Kirsten Abildgaard (Jobcenter Hjørring)
Tel: 7233 6092 / 4122 6092

Further information - English

Further information - Dansk